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What’s In Your Toolbox?

Every so often, the majority of my coaching clients seeking career growth often wonder how to find purpose in their work, especially when they feel that what they studied is different from what they do. My response has always been simple. Everything you have, every skill, every experience, every gift is a tool. Carry your toolbox with you and make use of all the tools to create an impact, transform lives and grow others.

See, my training is in communication. I also use both the skills and gift of communication in my CX work and as a trainer/facilitator. I am also passionate about organizational development and hence you will find me working with organizations to develop and strengthen their systems, policies, and strategies so they can create sustainable customer-focused and data-driven solutions.

What am I trying to say? Don’t be limited by your current title, scope of work or certifications. One of my friends is a great finance specialist, and what makes her really good is her people skills. Finance is her hardware, but she has invested in people and her software (stakeholder management) has become the tool that propels her to various projects and assignments within her organization. Another close friend of mine is an auditor, who excels because of her relationship building skills. She makes her auditees comfortable with the process and empowers them to do better.

So whats my point? Focus on your skill sets, and sharpen them so you become great at what you do. Use them in partnership with your gifts, regardless of your scope of title or scope of work.

Much Love,


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