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Think of us as your friend and big brother/sister. Here to help you discover yourself, figure out life, grow your career and find that seat at the leadership table.  We believe that regardless of our past experiences, we can all start again and use our individual unique abilities to do more and be great. 
So we help you through coaching, offering practical resoures and tools and connecting you to amazing mentors/coaches and a community to grow with.

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"The Adira Men's Forum gave me clarity and emboldened my perspective to my manhood.
It is a safe space to explore your masculinity and get clarity from other men who’ve been there before and done it well."

Ngacha Ituu


“Before Adira, I ticked all the boxes, I was okay. However, Adira introduced me to the real me, it introduced me to workplace dynamics and made me bolder and wiser in the boadroom.It made me take more risks and more leadership roles. I am happier than I have been in a while,thanks To Adira.”

Dr. Immaculate Michieka


"The program has challenged me to identify and point out the mistakes I make unconsciously, the biases I have and the excuses I use to justify my shortcoming because of the fact that I am a woman"

Colleta Wanjiru

Here is our impact:

Over 500 young people reached

12 successful cohorts

150 men and women coached

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