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What we offer

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Adira Women’s Network

Empowering women to break barriers, embrace their full potential in every sphere of life and become Confident, Bold, and wise.
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Adira Men’s Forum

Building a community of men who lead with Wisdom, Foresight and Strength.
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Leaders Forum

Guiding emerging managers to navigate the challenges of leadership with confidence and resilience to become effective and impactful leaders.
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Adira Masterclass

Enhancing your toolbox with invaluable soft skills for success in the professional world.
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What IS Important

Who we are

ADIRA is a people development movement that is here to ignite the fire within you and empower you to become a confident, bold, and wise leader! At ADIRA, our vision is to create a community of strong authentic leaders. We use a training and coaching approach with a key focus on empowering you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to help you have flourishing careers, thrive in your businesses and have a successful well-balanced life.


Learn with Adira

The Adira E-learning platform hosts an array of carefully curated courses that are designed to build your soft skills to become more effective in your day-to-day operations at work, in business and at home.

Sign up and begin the journey of transformation through our self-paced courses as you build your capacities to become a better communicator, negotiator and leader.

What Our Alumni Say

Dr. Immaculate MichiekaHenry Jones

Before Adira, I ticked all the boxes, I was okay. However, Adira introduced me to the real me, it introduced me to workplace dynamics and made me bolder and wiser in the boadroom.It made me take more risks and more leadership roles. I am happier than I have been in a while,thanks To Adira.

Dr. Immaculate MichiekaHenry Jones

Colleta Wanjiru

The program has challenged me to identify and point out the mistakes I make unconsciously, the biases I have and the excuses I use to justify my shortcoming because of the fact that I am a woman

Colleta Wanjiru

Your success is here

Let Us Help You Change Your Life

Life is never easy and it is important to have someone who walks with you authentically to help you navigate the different challenges. If you would like us to be your coaching partner, write to us on

Happy Alumni

We have an alumni community of close to 300 members who have gone through our programs and are committed to ding life with each other.


Through our MTANDAO forums, we have reached close to 1000 people offering intimate networking and mentorship sessions.