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What If?

What if,

What if you decided to let go of the excuses and started putting in the work you needed to? What if you stopped the blame game and took responsibility for your actions/inaction and your words that caused the breakup/mess at work, at home and with your friends?

What if you decided to stop trying to change people and accept them for who they are, just as they are? Would there be more peace and better interactions?

Quit hanging on to the handrails . . . Let go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day. ~Melody Beattie

What if you decided to stop hiding your emotions, desires, feelings, needs and wants and got the courage to speak up?

What if you decided to honour yourself by confidently saying no to things that drain you even if the requests are from friends, colleagues and loved ones? What if you decided to let go of that Job, friendship, or relationship that’s just been draining you? Would it bring you more peace, would you struggle less with your health?

What if you signed that contract, said yes to the promotion, took that offer, and started planning your move? What if you started asking for opportunities and saying yes to new assignments and gigs, even if you don’t have the full plan figured out? I can assure you, that once you say yes, you will figure it out.

What if you decided to live your life fully, pursuing the things that give you joy and purpose without fear of failure, judgment or hard work? There are no guarantees in life, no permanency, just seasons. We deny ourselves opportunities to grow, and experience joy, love and the beauty of life because we lack the courage to say yes. We are afraid to say no when need be. We are afraid to dream and put in the work.

Creative approach to every project

Do you desire something new, something different? Let the what if become a decision you make this week.

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