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Are you an ambitious woman who wants to grow their career and find a seat at the leadership table but is feeling stuck? Are you tired of being told to fight for your space, yet no one shows you how to do it? 

Would you like to know what it takes to have a successful and well-balanced career? 

Would you like to thrive at work and in life and become confident, bold, and wise?

Thats why we are here!

The Adira Women’s Network is a 10-week coaching program designed to equip women with the knowledge and tools to help them rediscover themselves, find their voice and grow their careers. At Adira, we show you how to get to the top by authentically sharing our experiences and having candid and reflective sessions with industry leaders. 

Our well tested cirriculum covers 7 well-researched topics that cater to the key pillars of developing a well-balanced career. These include: Mistakes women make, How to Sell Yourself, Soft Power and How to Manage Politics, The Sucess Journey, Making and Managing money and so much more.   

What have others said about the program?

  1. Adira changed my life and relationships
  2. Adira opened the doors for me to get a promotion at work
  3. Adira saved me- I was drowning in life with things going haywire. I am now grounded, hvae found myself and my relationships at work and at home are better.
  4. Adira gives you practical tools you can use in your life and at work.
  5. I now sit on leadership tables i didnt think were possible
  6. Adira helped my find myself, my voice and now I know what I want, why and how to go for it.
    • Want To Join In?

The next cohort takes off in March 2024. Click on link below to book your spot

For enquiries feel free to talk to us at