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Make Time To Play

Updated: May 17, 2022

A while back, I was having a conversation with my best friend and we reflected on when it is that we have been the most happiest. It occured to us that our happiest memories both as individuals and together as friends were years back. What made us happy was not because we had our "dream jobs" (we used to work crazy hours with tough targets) or because we had money. But it was that while we had "little material possessions, we made time for play and we enjoyed our play.

Play was a priority, we planned for it, we invested in it and we enjoyed it all whilst balancing our other obligations like bills, school, work and family.

As I have grown older, I get more consumed with "the serious stuff" so much that my life had become all about work and no play. All I did/do is speak about work and targets and plans. That brings on pressure and well, with no plan for play, you can guess...lots of stress.

2019 taught me that I need to play in order to keep my sanity. It is a necessary requirement that provides balance in life. It stabilizes our minds and emotions. It allows us rest, rejuvivation and for me- an opportunity to be more creative and productive.

So as you make your resolutions and set goals, make plans to play. Set goals on how you will invest in your play. Plan for play time irregardless of how serious a person you are .

If you don't play, you will be dull and when your dull, you loose your spice and when you loose your spice, you are miserable and the people around miss on your amazingness. And your productivity and quality of production diminishes.

Play Be silly Put powder and lipstick Make faces Sing all the keys including off key Find somewhere to slide and swing Enjoy life Be young

#PlayIsANecessity #MakeTimeForPlay

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