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Just so you know, I am okay

Just so you know, I am okay and it is a good thing to be okay. Wait, a wonderful thing. I have learnt a lot about allowing/accepting good things to happen in my life when they do.

I have been through some tumultuous times over the years. Stress, burnout, depressive moments, and frequent downtimes had become normal. The prayers were always the same, "God, take this cup away from me. Bless the work of my hands, save my relationships, heal me..." you know the drill.

Fast forward to when these prayers started manifesting and I found myself struggling to deal with that too! The irony!

Therapy has taught me a lot. One being that I had gotten used to surviving, always dealing with the negative things, always fixing things. So much so that I forgot how to experience the positives. I forgot how to be fully present for the good that is here and now; to appreciate the answered prayers. It was not always like this; I am intentionally relearning this.

Can I surprise you? It is tougher when this happens to people in your circle - family & friends. They have gotten accustomed to dealing with your pain and turmoil (and theirs) for so long, often fixing or trying to fix your issues (and theirs). That when things turn around for the better, they do not know how to deal with that. It is like we are all shouting, "How do we deal with this! Give us a problem to solve!"

Do you get what I mean? I do not know what the psychologists call this.... all I can say is, relearning and unlearning is currently a big part of my mental health. And because of this, I am okay and have accepted that it is okay to be okay.



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