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The Adira Board Club

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Are you a senior executive? Have you been struggling to set and achieve your personal and professional goals? Do you “give up” or drop balls due to the various obstacles that come your way? Do you have a personal vision board and who keeps you accountable? Are there things you want to achieve THIS YEAR and would welcome help on how to accomplish these things? If this sounds like you, it’s time for you to join The Adira Board Club. What is the Adira Board Club? Adira in Partnership with Mary M'Mukindia Coaching has developed an Exclusive Club, designed to provide you with your personal Board of Advisors. This 12-month program allows you to walk with a group of select people and build your capacity to achieve your personal and professional goals. What to Expect • A team of personalized advisors to serve as your board members whose job is to support you in achieving your goals. • Monthly review meetings • 1.5 hours of monthly coaching • Quarterly reviews and workshops • Practical and effective goal-setting and tracking tools • Experienced professionals with a background in personal and leadership development • Industry leaders who have served in all sectors, locally and regionally. What You Will Enjoy 1. Set and achieve your personal & professional goals 2. Overcome obstacles and stay motivated to pursue your goals 3. Track and celebrate your progress and accomplishments 4. Build a strong support network

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